More Information About the COVID-19 Response Fund

What is the purpose of the fund?

United Way of Cecil County established this effort to bring relief to the area’s most vulnerable individuals and families in our community as they experience the short-term and long-term impacts of the coronavirus outbreak. 


Why did United Way of Cecil County establish this fund?

United Way of Cecil County spent the past month assessing the community’s most pressing needs through reaching out to non-profit agencies with a goal of understanding how these organizations are responding to - and developing solutions to - emergency needs. It was determined that because of the marked increase in the number of people these agencies serve (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) it is within the mission of our local United Way to provide financial resources to support the work of organizations that most effectively serve the people of Cecil County.


What is the goal for the fund?

The goal of the United Way of Cecil County COVID-19 Response Fund is to rapidly deploy resources to local organizations that are offering emergency relief to families and individuals in need. 


What do our dollars do?

When you support the United Way COVID-19 Response Fund, you help provide aid to those who may have the most difficult time recovering from financial setbacks such as seniors, children and low-income families. The fund will be used for a multitude of efforts to help with recovery, specifically:

  • Food distribution to students affected by school closures and other food insecure populations that are isolated or lack access
  • Rent, utility, and prescription medication assistance for those displaced by employment interruption
  • Access to childcare for families effected by closures especially for essential medical and emergency response staff
  • Services and shelter for people experiencing homelessness who lack the resources to stay safe and receive medical treatment
  • Access to mental health and substance use services during a time when isolation can significantly impact progress

How do I give?

Online donations can be made HERE


Offline donations may be mailed to 

United Way of Cecil County

P.O. Box 342

Elkton, MD 21922

Please include "COVID19" in the memo.


Are you a local non-profit organization serving the emergency needs of the people of Cecil County? Contact for further information on how United Way of Cecil County can help.